About Julia

I’m a coach of 35 years. A business woman and an entrepreneur. I’ve been wildly successful and I’ve struggled with many challenges. Through it all I have learned A LOT and I love helping others conquer their challenges. We all start our businesses with so much passion and excitement and soon we are caught up in the daily grind. We wear many hats, some we are good at and some not so much. I help my clients define the big goals and create a plan to move closer to them. I use proven industry standards that will guarantee success and get my clients feeling the passion once again.

I’ve spent my life in play and in coaching and sometimes those are the same thing. I believe in the potential of human beings, both hidden and obvious. I believe in coaching and the constant pursuit of understanding human behavior, to motivate and develop potential. I believe everyone has more in them and it’s my job, my passion, my life’s pursuit to help them find it. I believe the art of sport translates into life; whether in athletics, individual desire and potential, or in business. The lessons and the roadmap are the same.